Detroit “wows” its alumni during homecoming week

Andra Rush shares her manufacturing success in Detroit.
Andra Rush shares her manufacturing success in Detroit.

Detroit-born Mike Posner sang a song about his hometown. Whole Foods co-CEO Walter Robb said Detroit might become home to a second Whole Foods Market. And Detroit ex-pat and CIO of Fortress Investment Group, Adam Levinson announced a $10 million gift to the new Detroit Children’s fund. All these happened at the Detroit Homecoming event that took place last month.

The three-day event, which was sponsored in part by DEGC, brought together 150 out-of-town potential investors and 150 local invited guests for a Detroit “immersion.” We toured the city, discussed redevelopment at sessions at the College for Creative Studies, swung bats at Comerica Park, and ate well at The Whitney and other places.

There are very few events that market Detroit at this scale; the Detroit Homecoming allowed potential investors and developers to familiarize themselves with the city in a completely personal way. There’s a big difference between Detroit-curious businesses touring and engaging with Detroiters first-hand, versus conducting business over the phone.

The atmosphere was extremely positive as many told their Detroit successes. Rush Trucking CEO Andra Rush spoke to the benefits of running a manufacturing operation here. Four Detroit companies participated in an inspiring pitch session speaking to their experiences in Detroit. One of them was a DEGC client — Walker-Miller Energy Services.

DEGC was not only a sponsor at the homecoming, but participated on the planning committee to pull the event together. Additionally, DEGC provided print materials to explain the available real estate Detroit currently has to offer. DEGC’s Mark Denson also led the real estate tour during the event, and we presented a summary of the work of Detroit Future City. It’s very clear from the reaction of our guests that Detroit is well on its way to becoming the biggest and most dramatic urban turnaround in a generation.

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Olga Stella

Vice President of Business Development