Android Industries Expands in Detroit


Android Industries announced it will expand in Detroit at its current location within the Focus: HOPE campus, leasing an additional 50,000 square feet of manufacturing floor space. This growth will make room for the possibility of $16.5 million in total capital investment and add 131 jobs in addition to retaining 100 jobs.

Android Industries – Detroit, LLC is a subsidiary of Android Industries, LLC, headquartered in Auburn Hills. The company provides assembled vehicle modules including front and rear suspensions, brake corners, front verticals and overheads to GM Detroit Hamtramck. The company is adding two new major platforms which led to this expansion.

The Detroit Economic Growth Corporation (DEGC) assisted Android Industries by counseling the company about what incentives could result in organizational growth. DEGC facilitated a 12-year Person Property Tax Abatement that went on to be approved by the Detroit City Council. The Michigan Economic Development Corporation also approved a $500,000 Business Development Performance Based Grant.

This expansion is the result of a true collaborative effort. As Detroit becomes a place for businesses to develop and thrive, DEGC acts as a resource to ensure that starting and growing businesses are able to be strategic and successful.

Kenyetta Bridges

Business Development Manager

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