Banner Supermarket begins $5.6 million expansion

With assistance from DEGC’s Green Grocer Project (GGP), Banner Supermarket at 14424 Schaefer Hwy. has begun a $5.6 million expansion project that will nearly double the size of the independent grocery store to 40,000 sq. ft.

“Our store is going to be an icon for the neighborhood — inspiring others to invest in businesses and homes right here in northwest Detroit,” said Sam Shina, one of the store co-owners. “We are working hand-in-hand with the Mayor and everyone else who is revitalizing our city by providing great food choices so people don’t feel the need to shop in the suburbs.”

The expansion project will essentially double the size of every department as well as adding a pharmacy, a bakery, a hot food deli, and a seafood counter. The store is staying open during two phases of construction. The first phase is expected to be completed in November and the second phase early next year. The renovation includes a new entrance and parking lot and landscaping improvements. Shina said, “When we are done it will look like a brand new store – inside and out.”

Shina also expects to double the staff at the store by adding 25 or more jobs. We recognize the way Detroit’s independent grocery stores can help lead the way toward neighborhood revitalization, providing jobs and keeping consumer dollars in the city, so we support that any way we can. GGP provided direct help through a technical assistance grant and facilitated financing through Invest Detroit, Chase Bank and a New Market Tax Credit set up by Capital Impact Partners.

“A strong and vibrant Detroit must ensure that its underserved communities have access to the vital services most of us take for granted,” said Terry Simonette, President and CEO of Capital Impact Partners. “That is why we are proud to have led the financing for this loan and created the opportunity for the Shina family to double the size of Banner Supermarket and bring new jobs and access to fresh and healthy food to the neighborhood. We also commend our partners including DEGC, Chase, Invest Detroit and WK Kellogg for their continued support of efforts like these to revitalize Detroit.”

Mimi Pledl
Program Manager, Detroit Green Grocer Project

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