CEO Spotlight: Comprehensive Logistics, Inc. – Brad Constantini, Executive VP/Principal


Comprehensive Logistics, Inc. (CLI) is an award-winning, third-party logistics provider (3PL) that provides services primarily to the automotive and industrial industries. CLI offers engineered logistics solutions that help businesses stay competitive in today’s changing and often unpredictable business environment. The company currently has 19 locations across the U.S. and Canada and will open a new facility in Detroit in the fall of 2014.

It sounds like you’re in the middle of a significant expansion. How did you pick this location?

Real estate is a big part of our company’s business model because we operate, in many cases, very large warehouse facilities. We were looking for a plant that was as close as possible to the Ford-Dearborn Assembly plant, which we will service. That facility is where the Ford F-150 is built.

We came across the property through a broker and secured a deal with the owner. A build-to-suit plan was developed that allowed us to expand upon the facility to fit our company’s needs. The site had a pre-existing 120,000 square foot facility and there was also a larger area where we could add a new building, which is almost complete. The new building will be 365,000 square feet.

We’re located at Wyoming and McGraw, which is only about two-and-a-half miles away from the plant that we will service. The location was an important factor. Being close to the Ford-Dearborn Assembly plant will help us serve the client with a very high-level of efficiency.

How has your company grown in Detroit?

Will grow substantially in the new Detroit location. We conservatively estimate that the new facility will have 240 employees, but it could certainly be higher than that. We anticipate that number will grow substantially over time. We’ve operated in Michigan for a long time, including some business in Lake Orion and a hub in Lansing. We’re very much looking forward to growing with Detroit.

How will your investment here in Detroit impact the city positively?

The property we bought was a former glass manufacturer and there were environmental issues that needed to be addressed and cleaned up. With brownfield remediation support, we were able to clean up the soil and the property. We’ll also be adding a large number of jobs, which will impact the city positively. Most of the work that has gone into developing the location has been provided by companies that are locally-based, and the same will be true of the vendors and suppliers that service this operation when it’s functional. The equipment used will also be locally-based.

In total, the investment that our family and company are going forward with is about $20 million. We’re very happy to be taking part in Detroit’s revitalization and are looking forward to our future in the city. We’ve also joined the Bridging Communities Group, which is very influential in strengthening communities throughout Detroit.

How have your relationships grown with the City of Detroit and DEGC?

It has grown pretty quickly. CLI Director of Finance John Hopkin has really worked hard to make this facility a reality. He worked directly with DEGC, which has provided support and played a very important role in helping us navigate the process. Honigman also provided valuable counsel. The experience has been extremely positive, and we’re very appreciative of all the hospitality and support we’ve received.

We’re looking forward to continuing to build our relationship with the city and DEGC. This facility will launch around September or October, and we would gladly go through this process again if the opportunity presents itself.

Tracie Tillinger
Business Development Manager

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