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BLVD Content is a marketing and strategy company specializing in multicultural and Emerging markets. BLVD develops fully integrated marketing strategies and messaging for its clients so their brands can connect to and thrive in the culture of their unique market. BLVD Content’s solutions for their diverse clientele range from consumer, digital and social media strategy to strategic planning. CEO & Managing Partner Fran Westbrooks founded the company in 2012 and is headquartered in Detroit.

What made you decide to have your headquarters in Detroit?

I was born and raised in Detroit. I went to school out- of- state and had brief stints living in Los Angeles and New York, but my heart was always in Detroit. I couldn’t be happier to live here and have BLVD Content’s headquarters here. There’s something about this city that you just can’t pass up. There always has been, and always will be, such great spirit in Detroit.

How does having your headquarters in Detroit add to your success?

Detroit is a “white slate” in terms of innovation, growth, imagination and possibilities. All eyes are on Detroit right now, but in a good way. People see Detroit as an emerging market and city, and with the help of organizations like the DEGC, being in the hub of growth is essential to our success.

How do you want to impact Detroit in the future?

We want to help companies in the city as well as Fortune 500 companies refine their brands. We want to assist businesses of all sizes to grow, build relationships with consumers and be more innovative.

What is your company culture?

Our culture at BLVD is very unique. We have an incredibly collaborative team. Our staff consists of diverse talent from blended backgrounds. For example, our team consist of Social Media strategists, a former agency CEO, Digital strategists and even an architect, and because of those diverse backgrounds it gives us a unique understanding of urban strategy, which is a crucial part of our market.  I think that everyone is creative, no matter what their background or title is.

What do you find most exciting about the changing face of Detroit?

The interesting part of our business is developing diverse relationships among companies across cultures and audiences. The BLVD team has such a passion, vitality and pride for Detroit – it’s most exciting to help companies build these relationships and their brands.

Mark Denson
Business Attraction Manager

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