CEO Spotlight: Mort Crim Communications, Inc. (MCCI) – Terry Oprea, President and CEO


Mort Crim Communications, Inc., (MCCI) is an award-winning integrated marketing agency that specializes in public and media relations, social media, video, web and digital and marketing and advertising. MCCI’s clients represent various industry sectors from automotive to nonprofit. President and CEO Terry Oprea recently relocated the agency’s headquarters to Detroit.


What are some of your notable clients?

We’ve worked with scores of organizations nationwide, with extraordinary strength in the manufacturing, financial services, economic development, and association membership segments. But all clients are “notable” – and all of them have urgent needs for messaging that is resonant in order to punch through the huge amount of clutter in the communication space. Today, that often requires visualization, digital and social media expertise, and strategic know-how. We’ve got a lot of talent in our organization that supports those needs.


What made you decide to move your headquarters in Detroit?

First, our team really wanted to work in a walkable community – with easy access to coffee, food, collaborative relationships and creative peers. Second, the folks at DEGC really worked overtime to show us the possibilities downtown, the huge opportunities here, and the value proposition in making the move. Third, the Gatzaros family, who own the building, genuinely wanted a cornerstone creative communication client in their space, along with another major on-site creative cornerstone organization, Avanti Press – maker of those hilarious animal-centered greeting cards you can find across the nation. Fourth, Rick Ruffner, president of Avanti, spent time with me to encourage us to join him inside the building. Finally, we wanted to be in a historic building. The Murphy-Telegraph building was home to Western Union about a century ago. So we liked the communication history in the space.


How do you want to impact Detroit in the future?

Detroit is full of endless innovation, growth, imagination and possibilities. All eyes are on Detroit right now, in a good way. People see Detroit as an emerging market and city. We don’t quite see it that way, since we already have ongoing business relationships with GM, Ally Bank, DTE, the Skillman Foundation, a host of nonprofit organizations and others. So we know that Detroit’s been an active market and city for quite some time. That being said, we want to continue to expand our reach in Detroit, while helping to communicate economic development progress here. We’re looking forward to working with more Detroit companies, and telling their stories.


What is your company culture?

MCCI is a family. We’re an extremely creative, cohesive and collaborative team. We’re sort of the anti-agency agency. Interpersonal civility, respect and transparency are at the center of living productive lives – and we require it in our own culture. We also have a lot of interesting high-knowledge characters in the office covering our five business channels: Public and Media Relations, Social Media, Video, Web and Digital and Marketing and Advertising. We’re dedicated to providing custom solutions for our clients, because “one size fits all” never works. So our culture supports that “can do” attitude – just like the City of Detroit.


Mark Denson

Business Attraction Manager

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