Contractor Spotlight: Caasti Contracting Services, Inc. – Candice Taylor, Vice President


Caasti Contracting Services, Inc., is a Detroit- based construction company that specializes in everything from new construction to renovation, from exterior concrete to interior finishes. Caasti is a minority- and woman- owned business with a family touch. The company was co-founded in 1998 by President Jo Ann Taylor and Vice President and daughter Candice Taylor. Two other daughters work for the company, one in HR and the other in IT.

What are some of your notable projects?

We really got our start working with the Detroit Public Schools (DPS). We were involved in all the playground structure instillations at those schools. I really love doing parks because they give so much to the community. And, we developed the first speech and hearing clinic for DPS.

We also developed the freight truck investigation station on the Ambassador Bridge for the General Services Administration (GSA) and we assisted in the re-launch of Detroit Historical Museum. One other great project of ours was the first phase of the Harmonie Park construction.

What are some of the current projects you are working on in Detroit?

Currently we are doing a complete renovation of the GSA parking lot at the Rosa Parks Federal Building. We’re also renovating Detroit’s Coalition On Temporary Shelter (COTS): redoing their lobby, replacing the boiler, constructing a new parking lot and creating a canopy for their back porch.

Why did you select Detroit as your headquarters?

Detroit has been my family’s home all our lives, so it only made sense to make Detroit our headquarters. This city is kind to small businesses and we’ve always felt very welcomed in our community.

It’s so exciting to see “before and after” on the projects we do. We love being a part of bringing the city “back to life”. We’re huge advocates of revitalization and we’re happy to contribute to the city.

How do you want your company to impact Detroit in the long term?

As a woman- owned business in an industry that is typically male-dominated, we want to keep encouraging women to enter into construction. We also want to continue to give back to our city because it’s such a wonderful place.

Describe the Caasti Contracting Services culture.

We have ten full time employees and a varying amount of contractors. Our culture includes weekly meetings to keep everyone in the loop. We like to know what’s going on, how projects are progressing and how the owners are feeling. We’re very transparent, and are dedicated to maintaining great communication with the owners of our projects. My mom and I regularly go out in the field and work; in fact, I’ve even built a playground. Our culture as a company is that no one person is greater than the other.

Tiffini D. Smith
Communications Director

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