Contractor Spotlight: Clark’s Construction Co. – Clark Bailey, President


Clark’s Construction Co. is a leading Detroit-based construction company that specializes in the commercial, industrial and residential rehab sectors. Its forte is “gut rehab” which involves going into buildings, removing everything down to the studs, then building them back up again. In addition, Clark’s Construction Co. is one of the state’s leading Lead Abatement contractors. As a result of these specialties, Clark’s Construction is heavily involved in the Neighborhood Stabilization Program and other initiatives that strive to improve homes across the city. Clark’s Construction was founded in 1992 by still active President, Clark Bailey and has shown strong consistent growth with no signs of slowing any time soon.


What are some of the current projects you are working on in Detroit?

We are in the midst of exciting development plans for the Virginia Park and Boston Edison areas. In addition, we’re working on a large commercial job for the Detroit Housing Commission, the Harriet Tubman Apartment Complex, which is a $1.3 million project consisting of exterior renovations. Another current project is the development of the East English Village community where we had the pleasure of working on more than a dozen homes over the past year or so.


Why did you select Detroit as your headquarters?

Moving to Detroit in 1975, I was really excited with what I saw going on involving construction, and I wanted to be a part of it. I saw a lot of potential to have a successful business here. My thinking was it would be beneficial to put my resources in the area in which I live, and it most certainly has. Once getting started, we quickly got involved with the Detroit Public School projects, most notably Heilman Middle School, a $28 million new build project. I knew I had picked the right city because I enjoyed working on projects that directly benefited the same residents that I pass every day in my community.


How do you want your company to impact Detroit in the long term?

I want to continue to be a key player in the ongoing comeback of the city. I look forward to being instrumental in the city’s development, working in partnerships with bigger companies that are coming into Detroit, as well as the city itself.


What is the Clark’s Construction Co. culture all about?

We are dedicated to the city of Detroit. We’ve been here since ’92, through all of the prosperous times and hardships that the city has gone through and we are committed to continuously improving our community. We also pride ourselves in our diversity – diversity of the projects we work on, the people we employ and our involvement with widespread cultures throughout the city.


Tiffini D. Smith

Communications Director

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