Contractor Spotlight: Lorenzo Walker- 3.L.K. Construction


3.L.K. Construction was founded in Detroit, Michigan 16 years ago by the company’s president and sole owner, Lorenzo Walker. The company provides commercial general contracting, construction management and self-performs painting and carpentry services. Currently, 3.L.K. Construction has 20 employees whose responsibilities vary from primarily office functions to field operations. Through the pursuit of various projects, 3.L.K. Construction has established its presence throughout the state of Michigan and the Midwestern United States. It is committed to helping their customers in a holistic fashion and rendering a multitude of services through the creative use of its resources. As a result, 3.L.K. Construction has been able to create a singular focus for its customers.

What are some of the current projects you are working on in Detroit?

We recently finished the interior renovation/expansion of the M1 Office building for Bedrock Real Estate Services. Many of our projects spanning the last three years have been let by government entities. Much of this work included tenant-in-place capital improvements and renovations. Our endeavors have enhanced the functionality of our customers’ workspaces and contributed to job creation at various locations. Our previous clients include several federal government entities, Detroit Public Schools, Detroit Building Authority, City of Detroit, Chrysler Corporation, Henry Ford Health System, Detroit Medical Center, Greektown Casino and Hotel, and MGM Grand Casino and Hotel. Fortunately, we have been afforded an opportunity to work on various projects throughout the city for a multitude of customers.

Why did you select Detroit as your headquarters?

I am proud to be a native Detroiter! I chose Detroit as the headquarters because I have always been optimistic about the greatness that is destined for the city. There have obviously been some very difficult times in recent years, but I am committed to contributing to its resurgence. I believe the worst is over and our past experiences and resilience can contribute to the rebirth of this town.

How do you want your company to impact Detroit in the long term?

Our long term goal is to leave a permanent mark on the redevelopment of Detroit through our personal projects and partnerships developed in our business undertakings. Through these undertakings, I believe the youth in the city of Detroit can be provided new opportunities. I believe through collaborative efforts, contractors can create a new set of possibilities that haven’t been available to young Detroiters in the past. Ultimately, I would like to see positive changes continue and increase exponentially in the city of Detroit.

What is the 3.L.K. culture all about?

The culture at 3.L.K. Construction is driven by managerial modesty with a focus on company teamwork. We strive to hire employees who have high moral and ethical standards, demonstrate loyalty, possess leadership qualities and exude positive attitudes. In order to ensure everyone’s voice is heard, we conduct regular feedback/brainstorming sessions to assess employee and customer perception. We embrace an open door policy! Our leaders are readily available to anyone with comments, concerns or questions, employees and customers alike. We are committed to working with any customer or contractor, large and small, if the betterment of the community is held as a consensual goal. We understand our commitment to excellence has contributed to our prior successes and our core values will continue to drive our future projects.

Brian Watkins
Business Development Manager

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