D2D Buyer Ready Business: Advance Plumbing Heating & Supply Company

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Advance Plumbing Heating & Supply Company is a single-source premier plumbing and heating supply distributor to plumbers, builders, interior designers, kitchen and bath dealers, and home owners who want to upgrade a kitchen or bathroom. In addition to offering reputable and top-of-the-line brands, Advance Plumbing specializes in providing fully-functional period-appropriate replacement plumbing and heating parts for Detroit’s historic homes. Advance Plumbing is a fourth-generation family-owned business that has been in Detroit for 97 years, and is led by Jeffrey Moss, president and owner.

What is the history and background of Advance Plumbing Heating & Supply Company?

The company was started in Detroit 97 years ago by my grandfather and has remained in the family, and in Detroit, ever since. Advance Plumbing continues to serve area businesses and homeowners, especially providing period-appropriate restoration plumbing supplies, even steam boilers, to many of Detroit’s historic homes. In addition to offering a wide array of reputable and leading-edge products, we source products for the specialized restoration market and from unique plumbing sources worldwide. Recently, we moved to a new headquarters to Midtown to open Detroit’s first-ever decorative plumbing showroom in the spring of 2017. Our new showroom will be open to the public and our offices and warehouse are already in place at the same location, in an historic building built in 1918 that is a little older than Advance Plumbing. Restoring the building’s façade is our contribution to beautifying Cass Ave.

What are some of Advance Plumbing Heating & Supply Company’s notable clients?

Clients with name recognition include: Detroit Medical Center, Wayne State University, University of Detroit Mercy, Motor City Casino, MGM Casino and the new Little Caesar’s Arena. Other notable clients include the many contractors and designers from the suburbs who are now working in Detroit to accommodate all the building projects related to the city’s resurgence. 

Why did Advance Plumbing Heating & Supply Company move to a new Detroit headquarters?

It’s been a dream of mine to open a decorative plumbing showroom in Detroit to offer the latest, greatest and most beautiful plumbing products to the residents and businesses of our home town. Our new location offers the space we need to accommodate every aspect of the business, in addition to the decorative showroom. In the past, we were repairing homes and businesses throughout the city. Now, we’re helping to rebuild the city by supplying to contractors who are developing new structures as part of the city’s resurgence. DEGC was very helpful throughout the entire process, especially in finding our new headquarters location, providing information on tax abatements and grants, facilitating the review and approval of the local tax abatement, and marketing our business to other Detroit-based businesses. We also received a Motor City Match grant, which supported numerous aspects of the relocation process. 

What are the benefits of connecting with other Detroit businesses?

For generations, we have had a front-row seat as Detroit moved through history, some of which was not kind to the city or its residents. Now, there is a new Detroit emerging, and a great number of services are needed to accommodate the rapid growth and development. Connecting with other Detroit-based businesses to meet these demands not only supports these businesses and keeps jobs in the city, it also helps to develop a community of business owners who are dedicated to helping Detroit prosper again.

Lily Hamburger
Small Business Development Manager

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