D2D Buyer Ready Business: ISG Global – Julius Bender, President

D2D Buyer Ready Business- ISG Global - Julius Bender

ISG Global is an IT network integration firm. The company’s specialties involve technology integration and security solutions. The 12-year-old, Detroit-based firm is dedicated to doing work in the city and is led by founder and president Julius Bender.

What is the history and background of ISG Global?

I saw a change in the direction the IT industry was going and wanted to be a part of it, so I founded ISG Global. The company became CCTV-certified so that we could provide the best security solutions to stay up-to-date in the market. Our company has taken advantage of all the wonderful opportunities here in Detroit and metro Detroit and continues to  thrive.

What are some of ISG Global’s notable clients?

We’ve done a lot of work in Detroit, working with the city of Detroit itself and with private and public entities. Some notable clients include Wayne County — we provided CCTV security and voice data system integration. We’ve also done work at the Detroit Metropolitan Airport.

What is ISG Global’s culture?

The ISG Global culture is deeply rooted in providing excellent service. Our commitment of providing quality has lead to many longstanding clients. We’re very committed to the city, including   mentoring students from Detroit Public Schools as they enter the IT field. Additionally, many of our staff are Detroiters. We love showing pride for our city.

Why did ISG select Detroit as its headquarters?

I was born and raised here in Detroit. I’m a graduate of Northwestern High School (the best school in the city) as well as the University of Detroit. There is no other place I’d like to have a business — it’s extremely important to me to live and work here. We do our best to hire Detroiters and work with as many Detroiters as possible.

What companies have you collaborated with in Detroit?

President and CEO Tarrolyn Buckles of Onyx Enterprise, Inc., has been an incredible mentor to me and ISG Global.

What are the benefits of connecting with other Detroit businesses?

I think that Detroit businesses coming together and collaborating is extremely beneficial because it creates longstanding relationships, and these relationships provide opportunities to work and partner together. You see larger businesses create joint ventures all the time. Smaller businesses here in our great city can do the same and be effective. D2D has been particularly beneficial to ISG Global in securing a variety of opportunities here in the city.

Michael Forsyth

Director of Small Business Services


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