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Liberati Group is a strategic media consulting firm that helps amplify the voice/vision of any brand. A small but mighty team, Liberati assists its clients through PR, social media management, business planning, crowdfunding campaigns, fundraising and more. One of Liberati’s key team members and founders is Sales and Marketing Manager Michael Turner.

What is the history and background of Liberati Group?

The three core, original Liberati members worked together to assist the Detroit Water Brigade to raise $100,000 to give bottled water/relief to those whose water had been shut off. Liberati also helped the Brigade receive nonprofit certification. In doing this we realized our passion of helping other companies do good here in the city. Liberati Group came to be by realizing that all our skill sets combined are quite powerful in helping individuals and companies.

Personally, I have a lot of entertainment/promotion experience. In fact I was on tour with Kenny Rogers at the age of 10. Other Liberati members bring in the PR, social and other talents —  combined we’re a great team.

What are some of Liberati Group’s notable clients?

We currently service about a dozen clients. Some of them include Mid City Grill, The Workers and Builders, Youngblood productions and the performer Martha Reeves (we do web, PR, marketing and promotions for her).

What is Liberati Group’s culture?

The way we function is simple: anytime we get a client we evaluate their needs and based on the services they need or are interested in we form a plan.. From there we’re off to the races. We’re dedicated to creating quality products and services.

Why did Liberati Group select Detroit as its headquarters?

I was born and raised in Detroit. Within the last year we moved into our headquarters at the Renaissance Center and have continually grown our clientele here. We are passionate about the nonprofits here in the city and helping other companies in Detroit thrive so it was the only city we considered when selecting our headquarters.

What companies have you collaborated with in Detroit?

Notably we’ve done a lot of work with the city of Detroit, specifically with CIty Council member Mary Sheffield. We’ve done two events with her so far in the community.

What are the benefits of connecting with other Detroit businesses?

Detroit businesses have a like-minded resilience — together we can do anything. There are so many benefits with working alongside Detroit businesses.

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D2D Program Manager

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