D2D Buyer Ready Business: Pyratech Security Systems – Larry N. Teamer, President and CEO


Pyratech Security Systems Inc. is a Detroit-based, full service security company. The organization offers all security-related services, with a primary focus on: uniformed security guards; private investigations; and security and fire detection system design, installation, service and monitoring. Pyratech has been in business 22 years, and its president and CEO, Larry N. Teamer, is a retired lieutenant from the Detroit Police Department’s SWAT Team.

What are some of the current projects you are working on in Detroit?

Currently we provide uniform service guards for the Detroit Public Library’s 22 branches, in addition to Bridgewater Interiors (a subsidiary of Johnson Controls), Fourteenth Avenue Cartage Company and the Detroit Housing Commission’s Woodbridge Senior Village. About 80 percent of the service we provide is our uniformed security officers.

Why did you select Detroit as your headquarters?

Detroit is my hometown; I was born and raised here. I worked in the Detroit Police Department and when I retired 23 years ago I wanted to use my training and expertise to go into the private sector. I bought four buildings on Livernois near Eight Mile Road and refurbished them. Later I bought an additional building. All five buildings are used for Pyratech’s offices and training. There’s no other place I would ever even consider starting my business.

How do you want your company to impact Detroit in the long term?

Long term we expect to train and hire more Detroit residents. We anticipate prospering as Detroit prospers, and I feel the city is returning to its former glory. Pyratech has been in the city through thick and thin and we plan to stay here. Truly, the security industry is a growing industry and we look forward to continually expanding here in the city.

What is the Pyratech Security Systems’ culture all about?

The Pyratech culture is all about providing quality security with integrity. Pyratech feels it is an extension of the Detroit Police Department in offering security and protection to Detroit and its residents. In fact, the majority of our management team are retired Detroit Police officers of various ranks. The training process our uniformed security guards undergo is a very rigorous, two-day process followed by regular on-site tests.

What companies have you collaborated with in Detroit as customers or suppliers?

We get uniforms from Enterprise Uniforms, we do our banking at First Independence Bank and our IT is provided by a Detroit-based IT vendor. Our CPA, Alan Young and Associates, and our tax attorney, Melvin Jefferson, are both based in Detroit. We do anything we can to utilize and partner with Detroit-based companies to aid in their success as they aid in ours.

When you can connect with another Detroit businesses, what benefits does that bring?

Pyratech does business with Detroit-based businesses as much as possible. The more Detroiters support fellow Detroiters, the better off we all are, including generating tax base for the city and employing residents who are unemployed. Hopefully as this happens more and more we all can prosper together.

Kenyetta Bridges

Business Development Manager

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