D2D Buyer-Ready Business Spotlight: Grunwell-Cashero Co., Tony Sabo Senior Vice President


Grunwell-Cashero Co. specializes in building restoration, rehabilitation and preventive maintenance. Since 1953, the company has been dedicated to restoring and maintaining the structural integrity and architectural esthetics of all types of structures including historic buildings, industrial complexes, office buildings and parking structures. The family-owned company has been Detroit-based for its entire existence. We talked to new partner and Senior Vice President, Toby Sabo, who says the company will continue to grow its presence around the city.


What projects have you done that you are proud of?

We did a really nice project at the DIA. Our role involved restoring the exterior staircase that was older and displaced. It was closed down to the public because it was unusable and unsafe. Once our work was done it became bright again, the white marble really shines now. We cleaned it and replaced faulty steps as well as some of the stone in the walls in addition to restoring the lantern light fixtures.


Another notable project was Campus Martius Park, which involved moving the Soldiers and Sailors Monument about 100 feet into a new foundation we created. This monument has stone the size of small cars, which amounts to over 10,000 pounds. It also has bronze parts that had to be taken apart piece by piece. We also did all the granite work in the park — with the fountain, walks and the winding fountain. (? Not sure what this is) Other stand-out projects include the restorations of the Detroit Opera House and Fox Theatre


It is always our mission to bring back the original luster of a buildings from the day it was built.


Are you working on anything now that’s notable?

We’re hoping to get started on the Metropolitan building in the spring of 2016. We want to bring the building back to life as it transforms into residential housing, with some first floor commercial space. We are also hoping to also get involved with the Wurlitzer building, which may become a hotel.


Additionally we’re working with Bedrock on the former Bamlet Building at 1505 Woodward, which will become office space. We’re going to restore the exterior Mankato stone, which was previously painted.


What kind of opportunities do you see in Detroit for businesses to buy and sell, or partner with other Detroit-based businesses?

Right now is a great time in Detroit, more so than I can ever remember, especially within the business district and Midtown. There is a lot of growth that is going on which presents a great opportunity for Detroit businesses to participate in. The value that I see in Detroit-based company relationships is the impact we have for businesses to grow together and prosper while the city continues to grow as well.


Personally Grunwell-Cashero Co. strives to work with a lot of Detroit-based businesses like Henry Ford Hospital Systems, Detroit Edison, DMC and Bedrock. We’ve also have relationships with smaller contractors with companies like City of Detroit Trucking Company, the City of Detroit Steel and Iron Workers, Polo’s Trucking Company, Sav’s Welding, and Boomer Construction Materials.


What are you looking forward to accomplishing in Detroit?

We’ve been in in the city for over 60 years. When you’re downtown nearly every building there is one we’ve worked on. We look forward for more people and businesses to continue to move into Detroit and for us to bring buildings back to life all throughout the city.


Tiffini D. Smith

Communications Director

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