Let’s put the pedal to the metal


I am excited to be in Detroit serving the city in my new role as President and CEO of DEGC. I got into economic development because I’m a firm believer that the best way to strengthen quality of life, ensure long-term opportunities for our loved ones, and combat society’s ails is a solid economy with good jobs. Whether I was leading efforts to ensure jobs for the people of New Orleans, as in my last role, or recruiting global companies to Phoenix prior to that, I have always been firmly committed to strategies and programs that are aggressive and effective, thoughtful and focused, and that play to the inherent strengths of the local market.

The recent groundbreaking for a new sports and entertainment district Downtown is a good example of that kind of strategy, and it would not have happened without the excellent work of DEGC. The new district will be a catalyst for additional investment and a destination for visitors who will leave here with positive experiences from our city. Chris Ilitch, president and CEO of Ilitch Holdings described the district as “Detroit built,” and we have the tools and the commitment to ensure that it generates jobs and training opportunities for Detroit residents and Detroit-based businesses.

Under my leadership, with direction from our board, DEGC will continue to build on the strengths of Detroit to craft our story as we attract new investment and companies, provide leadership in real estate development, and drive prosperity. Detroit has a rich history as an economic and cultural hub and is clearly on its way to a strong recovery. Detroit can and should be a leader in the global next economy. Using the key building blocks of committed business leadership, political will, and community engagement, we can ensure the strong economy that the people of Detroit deserve. As CEO of DEGC, it’s my aim to work collaboratively, yet provide strong leadership, and to continue to communicate our shared path forward.

As noted elsewhere in this newsletter, DEGC has professional staff that wins awards and is recognized for its leadership. I’m honored to join such a top-notch group of professionals. They are a very skilled crew with the enthusiasm and work ethic needed to keep pressing ahead.

Together we are going to “put the pedal to the metal” to accelerate the revitalization of Detroit. Onward and Upward,

Rodrick Miller

President and CEO

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