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Parkway Foods opened their doors at their new location in the Shops at Jefferson Village March 31, moving from their Riverbend Shopping Center location into a building formerly owned by Farmer Jack.

“Our new store has allowed us the space to do the updates we’ve always wanted,” said Manager and Partner of Parkway Foods, Louay Nona. “We now have a deli and wonderful floral department. In a few months we’ll also be opening a pharmacy.”

Parkway Foods is also a part-owner of the Shops and is looking forward to filling the vacant strip with additional businesses. A Dollar General is due to move in soon and it is Nona’s hope that by the end of the summer the other stores will be occupied as well.

Parkway Food’s dedication to Detroit is unwavering. It is committed to excellent service in the community it loves.

“I am so proud of the new store. We have had excellent feedback from our customers that followed us to this store, and new customers exclaim they will never go anywhere else to do their shopping. We are truly honored to serve the people of Detroit and hope that our presence here will encourage other businesses to move into the community as well,” Nona said.

The store’s devotion to fresh food is another key feature. Nona shared that at any given time owners and managers are onsite at the store to personally check the meat, produce and perishables to ensure everything is fresh and ready for customers.

“My policy is that if I wouldn’t take something home to my family I won’t sell it. We always have the freshest products for our customers,” Nona added.

With Detroit pride, fresh food, excellent customer service and an additional twenty staff members at the new location Parkway Foods is certain to flourish.

Join Parkway Foods for their Grand Opening event on May 12.

Mimi Pledl

Business Development Manager

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