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Like a smart investment manager, Detroit has developed a portfolio of key industries at the center of its economy. With promising job growth, vast expansion potential and tremendous revenue creation for our city, these focus areas are the pillars of Detroit’s strategic, sustainable development. Learn why Detroit is uniquely positioned to empower companies in these key areas to succeed and grow.


Detroit put the world on wheels, and now we’re leading the charge in developing sustainable solutions for our global mobility needs. With a legacy of leadership and innovation, Detroit offers competitive advantages for automotive and mobility companies driving the world into the future.


Detroit has a long and diverse manufacturing history. Our plants, factories and, most importantly, our people are the heart and soul of working America. We’ve come a long way since Ford’s first assembly line started rolling over 100 years ago. See why we’re still making manufacturing history.


Detroit is a magnet for tech talent and a generator of tech innovation. Venture capital is seeding an explosion of IT activity in every field from retail to pharmaceutical. See how Detroit is becoming the Midwest hub of technology.


With 10 million acres of farmland and more than 52,000 farms in Michigan, agribusiness is driving great economic prosperity into Detroit. From pork to soybeans, food processing has become the third-largest business sector in our city. Detroit is all in when it comes to urban farming, economic gardening, and food-safety leadership.


The healthcare industry is one of Detroit’s most important, providing countless jobs, world-class service and a significant revenue stream for the city. Detroit is the proud home of nationally acclaimed facilities including Detroit Medical Center and Henry Ford Hospital, and the Wayne State University School of Medicine.