The Eight Mile Woodward Corridor Improvement Authority (the “EMWCIA”) was established pursuant to Michigan Public Act 280 of 2005, as amended, and is dedicated to developing the approximately 35 acres of the southeast corner of the Woodward/8 Mile site. (Link to development and TIF plan). Funding for the EMWCIA Development and Tax Increment Financing Plan comes from an increase in property taxes as a result from the new investment at the site.

The EMWCIA is governed by its Board of Directors, whose members are, with certain exceptions, appointed by the mayor subject to the consent of City Council.

Meetings are held on the bi-monthly on Tuesday at 2:00 PM. The EMWCIA may also hold special meetings as needed. All meetings are announced by a posting outside the offices of the DEGC, Guardian Building, 500 Griswold, Suite 2200, Detroit and the Coleman A. Young Municipal Center.  The next regular Board meeting is scheduled for June 12, 2018.  For more information, contact Malinda Jensen, Senior Vice President for Governmental Affairs and Board Administration.