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A City of Opportunity

While we are the world’s epicenter of mobility and advanced transportation solutions, today’s Detroit is so much more than the just the Motor City. With a diverse offering of competitive advantages, Detroit is a smart choice for businesses looking to expand, relocate, and invest.

Detroit offers a suite of incentive programs designed to help businesses thrive. We have a talented workforce, innovative educational institutions, successful private/public partnerships attracting international attention, and affordable, unique real estate.

Within Detroit beats the heart of a major metropolitan city featuring a thriving downtown district and vibrant neighborhood communities. We have world-class hospital systems and a rich history of art, theater, music and culture. Learn more about Detroit’s unique opportunities and why businesses are choosing to call Detroit home.

Business Retention and Expansion (BRE)

DEGC helps open Detroits’s doors. We make business success possible for companies that know exactly what they are doing but need help deciding where to do it and how to get there.


Half of the U.S. population and half the Canadian consumer market are within a one-day drive of Michigan, making it the prime spot for global businesses.


DEGC is a vast resource for financial assistance programs, such as tax abatements, Renaissance Zones, Brownfield Redevelopment incentives and loan programs.


On behalf of the City of Detroit, DEGC connects buyers with real estate in key employment districts with tremendous potential for business development.


Detroit is ideally situated to move people and products throughout the region, US and internationally. We do it simply, efficiently and affordably.


We’re brimming with talent in fields ranging from computers to construction, and we put a premium on innovation, craftsmanship and grit. See how Detroiters get the job done.

Loan Fund

Through the DEGC, businesses located within the city of Detroit are able to apply for a variety of loans.


Through transformative efforts to create a sustainable, robust and inclusive economy, Detroit is attracting projects that create jobs and opportunity throughout the city.