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DEGC announces improved RFP process for transparency and accessibility

Jul 9, 2018

From Kenyetta Hairston-Bridges, Interim Vice President of Real Estate and Financial Services

The Detroit Economic Growth Corporation (DEGC) is committed to accelerating Detroit’s economy by improving the overall economic environment. We do this by helping existing businesses expand and compete, and by driving new business investment opportunities in the city. A key aspect of our work includes developing an innovative toolbox of resources for business owners and investors, and ensuring that our services are accessible and transparent.

To make sure that opportunities are inclusive and widely communicated, our team has streamlined the Request For Proposals (RFP) process, making it easier for real-estate developers and service providers to find investment opportunities in the city. Through recent updates to our website, we now have a section focused specifically on available properties in the city. In addition to making RFPs accessible through our website, we have created a listserve to notify developers of properties currently being marketed and land-sale RFPs. Interested parties can now sign up for automatic notifications of commercial, mixed-use and industrial development opportunities as they arise.

To receive automatic notifications on property listings marketed or RFP’s issued by DEGC, please sign up through our website.

Construction, planning and other professional service RFPs are available through the Michigan Inter-Governmental Trade Network (MITN). MITN also allows service providers to sign up for automatic notifications.

Construction related contractors and service providers can receive further support through DEGC’s D2D Program. The D2D program helps grow local business-to-business procurement opportunities by working closely with major buyers committed to increasing their purchases of local services. More Information can be found on the website: or contact Joseph Tate

Continuous improvement is part of DEGC’s commitment to Detroit Detroiters. This includes building a robust communication process that gives everyone an opportunity to be a contributor and recipient of Detroit’s growing prosperity.

We invite you to go to our website to check out this new feature. Please contact Cierra Rozier with any questions related to RFPs. We welcome all of your feedback and are always looking to grow our toolbox of services and fill in the gaps, wherever they may exist. We appreciate your participation in growing Detroit’s business community, thereby creating new job opportunities and empowering Detroiters to achieve success.

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