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DEGC launches new logo

Apr 15, 2019

From Kevin Johnson, President and CEO

For the past 25 years, the DEGC has been proudly represented by a logo depicting Detroit as a sturdy, dependable industrial city. That mark has served our organization well and has guided our work with integrity.

Today, Detroit is so much more, and so is the DEGC.

In the spirit of our evolution, the DEGC is proud to introduce our new visual identity – a fresh logo that depicts a future-focused, visionary organization known for creating accessible economic development for Detroit and its residents.

The new DEGC logo is symbolic and aspirational. It captures forward movement, enlightenment and – of course – Detroit’s iconic “D.” Based on extensive research, we’re confident our new mark will give our organization, and our city, a competitive advantage – one that’s distinct, enduring and even unexpected.

This launch comes at a time when we’re actively in the market talking with new business prospects about Detroit’s value proposition. The logo captures grit and determination, two emblematic traits of the “D,” which are what makes our city great and what makes DEGC so important.

As important as the visual identity is to our organization, our message is equally important:

After 40 years, DEGC continues to be Detroit’s one-stop shop for economic development — creating a competitive, inclusive environment where businesses and residents can achieve economic success. Our work is based on three primary pillars:

  • Create jobs through business attraction, retention and expansion
  • Drive economic opportunity into neighborhoods
  • Make Detroit a great place to do business

As DEGC stakeholders, please continue to act as ambassadors for our city and our organization through use of our narrative and new logo. It’s up to all of us to spread the good news of today’s Detroit – a city that offers financial prosperity to companies and accessible opportunities for its residents.

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