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Detroit is open for business

Oct 1, 2020

Detroit is – and remains – a great place to do business. Not only is DEGC powering the development engine and building the relationships that enable growth in our City, we’re telling Detroit’s impactful story. Our City had tremendous momentum through the first quarter of 2020 thanks to partnerships between DEGC and the Mayor’s office, regional and state economic development organizations, private industry and funders. Even in the current COVID-19 climate, DEGC is continuing to help businesses launch in Detroit and create new jobs for our residents.

We’re very proud to share these and other stories in the DEGC 2020 Impact Report, which can be found on our new website. Both tools have been created to encourage visitors to learn more about the tremendous business opportunities and competitive advantages that exist in Detroit.

Welcome to the new and improved

DEGC’s new website is very intentional, putting the user at the center of the experience. Rather than having to search for information on a specific topic, we have created a site that brings the information to you. Simply self-identify as a small business owner, developer or large company, and select the specific categories that interest you. Maybe you represent a global manufacturer and want to understand the tax abatement process – your answer is one click away. Perhaps you run a small business and need help getting your sidewalk fixed – it’s just as easy. The new DEGC website is the closest thing to having a personal concierge collect data for you.

The new site also allows visitors to quickly move from a static digital experience to an interactive, human connection with DEGC professionals who are experts in helping businesses take the next step.

We hope you will find the new site and its modular framework easy to navigate. We’ve prioritized critical information so it doesn’t require multiple clicks to find what you need. The site architecture also allows for easy updates, plug-ins and automation as needs change and new information and innovation becomes available. That means we’ll have new content posted frequently to encourage repeat visits.

DEGC 2020 Impact Report 

The 2020 Impact Report presents the 360-degree impact DEGC has had on the economic development and growth of Detroit. While other EDOs might focus on a specific sector, such as global business attraction or commercial corridor expansion, DEGC does it all. Reviewing Detroit’s success stories is especially encouraging as we continue to adapt to the new normal.

In this report, you’ll see how DEGC’s team has helped catalyze Detroit’s most noteworthy developments as well as provided programming that has changed the lives of thousands of Detroit residents. Among the stories, you’ll see how Detroit is increasing neighborhood business density, attracting new investment, creating jobs for residents, landing deals that benefit our communities, putting vacant land to productive use, and helping usher in a new era of inclusive and accessible economic development.

Thank you for your continued support of DEGC. We are proud to offer these communication tools to keep you informed and engaged as we promote Detroit as a great place to do business.

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