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DEGC partners with public authorities that play key roles in Detroit’s economic development. DEGC provides administrative services to each authority, all of which are governed by a board of directors made up of community leaders, business owners and public officials who are, with certain exceptions, appointed by the Mayor subject to the consent of City Council.


The City of Detroit Brownfield Redevelopment Authority (DBRA) was established to promote the revitalization of environmentally distressed and blighted areas within the boundaries of the City of Detroit.


The Downtown Development Authority (DDA) supports private investments and business growth through loans, sponsorships and grants, capital improvements to public infrastructure and additional programs designed to increase economic activity.


As a Next Michigan Development Corporation this organization seeks to attract eligible multi-modal businesses to districts with potential for growth in key industries.


The Economic Development Corporation of the City of Detroit (EDC) assists local industrial and commercial enterprises through programs such as loans and public infrastructure improvements. The EDC also manages a number of sites available for redevelopment.


The Eight Mile Woodward Corridor Improvement Authority (EMWCIA) is dedicated to developing the approximately 35 acres of the southeast corner of the Woodward/8 Mile site.


The City of Detroit Local Development Finance Authority (LDFA) prevents conditions of unemployment and promotes growth in Detroit.


The EDC established a subsidiary corporation, known as the Neighborhood Development Corporation (the “NDC”), to implement housing and neighborhood programs within qualified blighted or redevelopment areas.