What is BuyDetroit?

Understanding the context of the local business climate, the BuyDetroit program is designed to encourage business to business procurement. This procurement initiative is designed as a coordinating force around the needs of Detroit’s existing business community. While the goal is to drive inclusivity, diversity, increased jobs, capacity building and new investment at local or non-local firms, the immediate work is focused on building up the systems that can accelerate that.

One of the systems is the Structuring of a Buyers Council (BC), that is comprised of a group of for-profit and non-profit entities who grew out of local procurement efforts that the city has shepherd in the last decade to increase local and diversity spend. These corporations are committed to tracking and growing local providers who are Detroit based, while aiming to drive Inclusivity & diversity in their local spend efforts. So much, they worked to help create an opportunity clearing house, which is the central component of the program.

The central component of the process is an online portal for Detroit-based companies. Through connecting buyers with quality local suppliers, BuyDetroit, is helping build a community of businesses that support the economic success of one another.

In the portal, companies will be able to do the following:

  • Make connections with buyers
  • Respond to RFPs via the portal
  • Make connections with other peers
  • Participate in PROS ( Pre-Rehabilitation Opportunity Sessions)
  • Procure goods and services

Why participate?

BuyDetroit facilitates business-to-business procurement. It is designed to help buyers, suppliers and contractors of all sizes and categories connect, grow and create new jobs. This initiative will coordinate Detroit’s many current procurement activities and become the hub for new opportunities in the City.

Who is eligible?


  • Must be headquartered or based in the city of Detroit
  • Registered with the state of Michigan
  • Have an EIN
  • Have a valid license for the trade or profession the company is registered as (such as Lawyer, CPA, tradesman, and other licensed-required fields).
  • In a brick-and-mortar facility in the City of Detroit


  • Buyers should be agreeing to a fair bidding process that includes the scoring rubric and clear concise
  • List real opportunities with an open and end date
  • Be responsive to the questions one may have about the opportunity
  • Must report the selected company and contract value
  • Must have an EIN number
  • Accept responses to the RFP through the portal
  • Must not discriminate

How to participate?

Registration will be available later in the quarter.


Buyers will post specific opportunities in a variety of service areas. This will come in the form of Request for Purchase notices from such notable companies as City of Detroit, Quicken Loans, Bedrock, DTE Energy, Wayne State University, Detroit Medical Center and Comerica, just to name a few.

Open Opportunities

Comerica sourcing opportunities

  • Facilities & Construction – general contractors, interior and exterior renovations, landscaping, snow removal, parking lot paving, striping, etc.
  • Marketing and print
  • PPE – health and safety products
  • Human Resources services – training, recruiting, online learning
  • Legal Services
  • Financial technology services to support Wealth Management, Commercial and Business Banking – including hardware, software, cloud, data analytics, telecom, Information security, application.
DTE Energy logo

DTE Supplier Resource Center

DTE’s Supplier Resource Center lists bid opportunities and other key information for working with DTE. New bid opportunities are updated monthly.

City of Detroit sourcing opportunities

Register as a supplier with the City of Detroit to access procurement opportunities.

Let us help you connect to opportunities in Detroit

Keyra Cokley

Associate Technical Assistance Manager

Buyer Council

Born from a need for increased diversity and local business participation, the Buyer Council is comprised of top procurement leaders from several member organizations. The Council is focused on growing Detroit’s small to mid-sized companies using a number of solutions including certification, scaling and promoting new opportunities with the City of Detroit and other Council enterprises. Supporting Detroit-headquartered businesses promotes local business growth and increases job opportunities for local residents.