Small businesses help create vibrant neighborhoods...

...vibrant neighborhoods help attract commercial/industrial employers, which provide jobs to local residents...

...local residents create demand for more housing and retail...

..increased tax revenue creates opportunities to improve public amenities and greenspaces!

Keeping a Promise to Detroit

The Detroit Economic Growth Corporation is the city’s economic catalyst. If you’re a business looking to expand in the city or make Detroit your home, DEGC is the first step on your path to success. DEGC is committed to helping all businesses find sustainable growth — from homegrown startups to iconic retailers to global corporations. Our support services include business planning, land assembly, grant assistance, comprehensive incentives — even help improving your store’s curb appeal. Driving Detroit’s economy is DEGC’s lifeblood. We are working to create an inclusive ecosystem throughout the city that is rich with opportunity and jobs. Along with the City, regional partners, public authorities, funders and private industry, DEGC is transforming Detroit into a prime destination to work, live and play.

Inclusion Statement

DEGC is dedicated to inclusive economic development. We take this responsibility to heart. With a team that is diverse and representative of the communities we serve, we work to reduce the racial bias and inequality that can be barriers to economic opportunity.

DEGC’s policies and programs are built on a solid foundation of access, opportunity and shared prosperity. We are committed to using our resources to make Detroit a place where everyone can thrive, by supporting minority entrepreneurs, suppliers and developers, creating access to capital, ensuring that residential communities benefit from new development, and providing jobs for all Detroit residents. From small businesses and start-ups to large, established corporations, the DEGC will continue to do what is right for our employees, our community and a future of economic equality.


Design and implement innovative solutions that attract investment, create jobs and advance Detroit’s economy for all residents.

In 2017, DEGC made a promise to the City of Detroit that by the start of 2020, we would:



new jobs


in new investment

Help Open

new small neighborhood businesses

It was a stretch goal, based upon solid strategic priorities:
Attract and direct investment

Along with our regional partners, showcase Detroit’s competitive advantages around the world

Lead land development

Assemble and prepare sites for commercial and industrial uses

Drive business growth

Support small businesses through a variety of programming including access to capital and training

Thanks to the hard work of the DEGC team, our partners at the City and public/private organizations throughout the ecosystem, we’re proud of our three-year results:



new jobs


in new investment

Helped Open


*Does not include +300 home-based businesses

Since 1978, the DEGC has worked to support existing businesses and usher in new companies, new developments and new investment throughout our city, creating jobs and a new era of prosperity for residents and business owners. Here are just some of DEGC’s most historic initiatives, which have forever changed the landscape of this great city.