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Detroit open data team seeks your input on the City’s Open Data Portal

Mar 11, 2024

As Detroit celebrates the entire month of March to commemorate Open Data Day (March 2-8, 2024), the City’s open data team has been tasked with improving community awareness of and engagement with the City’s Open Data Portal. Enter the 2024 Detroit Open Data Challenge.

This year, the City has three categories:

Detroit Open Data Visualization

Anyone curious about City of Detroit data is asked to send us a visual representation (chart, graph, map, infographic, etc.) of insights they garner through engaging our open datasets.  We will use one submission in our Annual Report, and the rest will be showcased on the City of Detroit Open Data Portal.

Data Doodles

For 5-7 days, keep count and record how many times you see, do, hear, or feel ONE THING every day in Detroit.  With your collected data, use your doodle skills to represent the data in a drawing. Submit a pic of your data art.

Detroit Open Data Postcards

Send the open data team your thoughts about the promise of open data in the form of a poem, a song, a tweet, funny story, or any form of written word.

The deadline to submit your creative project is March 25, and most submissions will be showcased on the Detroit Open Data Portal throughout the year, starting March 31, 2024.

Learn more here.

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