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Transcript: “Meet the Buyer” Video

Audio Visual
Upbeat background music begins Sign is shown hanging on metal barrier that reads “Welcome to the BuyDetroit Meet the Buyer Event”
Music continues A montage shows booths set up in a park covered by umbrellas with people interacting on a sunny day
“Today we’re down at Beacon Park with the Detroit Economic Growth Corporation’s BuyDetroit program. We have a mix of buyers from large corporations here in the southeastern Michigan area, meeting with… Teresa LeFevre, Vice President and Supplier Diversity Manager at Comerica Bank, begins speaking to the camera in front of the booths
“sellers or suppliers of all different kinds of goods and services based in the city of Detroit.” Montage shows two men shaking hands, three people interacting at a booth titled “BLAC : Black Life, Arts, and Culture”
“We wanted to expose small businesses and to network with larger enterprises. And so this… Kevin Johnson, CEO of the Detroit Economic Growth Corporation, begins speaking to the camera in front of the booths
“BuyDetroit effort is to give these businesses an opportunity to do just that. It’s important.. Montage shows four people interacting at “BLAC” booth, two men handing 2 people business cards at another booth, and a woman setting out business cards at another booth.
for us to continue to try to build our economy and our economy in Detroit is built on partnerships between large enterprises like DTE and others, along with small businesses in the neighborhood corridors in the city of Detroit.” Kevin Johnson continues speaking to camera
So the problem we’re trying to solve is, how can we do more business here in Detroit? If you do more business within companies, it means more jobs. Tony Tomczak, Vice President of Corporate Services and CPO of DTE Energy, begins speaking to the camera in front of the booths
“And ultimately, that’s what we’re really trying to solve. How can we employ more people
here in the city of Detroit? That all…
A montage shows a man in a shirt that says “Detroit City Distillery” behind a booth interacting with two men in front of the booth, 3 people having a conversation in the foreground while people are interacting at booths in the background.
starts with small businesses connecting with large corporations, or small businesses connecting with small businesses and working together.” Tony Tomczak continues speaking to the camera
We have 100 buyers here from various different areas of our community, and we have a total of 54 suppliers who are pre-vetted and ready for work.” Keyra Cokley, Program Manager for BuyDetroit begins speaking to the camera
So I’m excited to be here because I get to offer my wellness solutions to employers. And we offer wellness equipment, holistic therapies as well as…  Latricia Wright, Principal Practitioner at Olive Seed, begins speaking to the camera
“lunch and learns, wellness courses that benefits the employees as well as their families.” Montage shows Latricia Wright, holding flyers and speaking to a person, pouring red liquid into a cup, Tony Tomczak taking a sip from the cup, and Latricia smiling and nodding
Using these relationships that we’ve been able to form and build with a program
like this enables that to happen…
Kevin Johnson begins speaking to the camera
“with a program like this enables that to happen.” A zoomed in shot of a man and woman shaking hands is shown.
Upbeat background music ends The video fades to a screen titled “Sponsors and Partners” and shows the logos for Michigan Economic Development Corporation and Pure Michigan Business Connect, MMSDC, Comerica Bank, Michigan Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, First Independence Bank, Detroit Means Business, Beacon Park, Detroit Economic Growth Corporation, Great Lakes Women’s Business Council, and DTE.
Screen fades to black

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Transcript: “What are the Program Benefits?” Animated Graphic

To increase Detroit businesses’ access to buyers, the BuyDetroit Portal connects suppliers with peers and buyers and streamlines access to real opportunities.
To increase overall spend on Detroit businesses, the Buyer Council pledges an annual spend on local suppliers.
To build capacity of Detroit businesses, BuyDetroit offers free capacity-building programming.
Supported by BuyDetroit, robust local businesses create jobs and hire employees.

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