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Procurement Assistance

Detroit has a multi-billion dollar business-to-business economy. D2D helps to grow local business-to-business procurement opportunities by working closely with major institutional buyers committed to increasing their purchases of local products and services. D2D also works with its supplier partners to make Detroit-based businesses more competitive and match them with bidding opportunities. From 2012 to 2015, D2D Buyers Council purchases from Detroit-based companies increased from $550 million to $925 million.

A substantial amount of D2D’s success can be attributed to the deep commitment of its Buyers Council. Originally formed to help Detroit-based businesses increase their local spend, the Buyers Council also serves as the foundation for substantial business-to-business connections among Detroit-based companies of all sizes.

DEGC’s D2D staff connect businesses in a variety of community settings:

  • Pre-Redevelopment Opportunity Sessions–bring buyers and suppliers engaged in real estate development and construction together to meet and create relationships. Each session is focused on specific upcoming projects.
  • Matchmaking Opportunity Events Detroit–businesses are invited to one-on-one sessions with large procurement organizations, and to meet informally with each other and business resource providers.
  • Pure Michigan Business Connect—businesses log into D2Dbusinessdatabase.org, a web database of businesses where Detroit-based buyers and suppliers can find each other.

To join D2D, companies should register on the Pure Michigan Business Connect database, sign up for information about D2D events and programs, and become a Detroit Certified Business. Learn more at d2dbusiness.org.

Jeffrey Moss Advance Plumbing President

“There’s tons of potential business available when companies participate in D2D,” said Advance Plumbing President, Jeffrey Moss. “It’s so important for Detroit businesses to do work together. We’ve had great success working with fellow Detroit-based businesses thanks to D2D.”