Entrepreneurs looking to start or expand their businesses generally face two major hurdles: finding the right space and bridging financial gaps that might prohibit their public opening. Motor City Match helps business owners address both. Its goal: help start new, permanent businesses in Detroit’s commercial corridors by providing assistance throughout the business start-up and building renovation process.

Motor City Match is a unique partnership between the DEGC, City of Detroit, U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), as well as Southeast Michigan financial institutions, foundations and corporations. We connect new and expanding businesses with Detroit’s quality real estate opportunities, providing funding and tools to fuel the city’s entrepreneurial revolution. The program also provides competitive grants, loans and counseling to help both building and business owners become successful.

Motor City Match has already had a significant impact on Detroit’s economy, providing resources and opportunity for business and building owners alike. And equally important, Detroit residents are increasingly able to purchase needed goods and services from businesses in their neighborhoods.



572: Businesses Served
274: Spaces
2.3 million: Square Foot Real Estate
$2.9 m: Grants
$16.3 m: Leveraged

To learn more, visit motorcitymatch.com

Kyle Dubay of Woodward Throwbacks

Dubay says the funding has already helped his business, but perhaps even more significant was seeing the city of Detroit supporting entrepreneurs like himself. Dealing with the city as a business owner isn’t always “a great experience,” he says. Even the basics, like trying to get permits, is “always a pain, always harder than it needs to be. Delays in renovation projects is often at the hands of the city.”

But programs like Motor City Match show that Detroit is “proactively trying to speed up the process,” he believes. Plus, “the program gives businesses the imprimatur of credibility, which can be meaningful when a business is moving to a new location or trying to reach a new client base.”